Enhanced Investor offers education and signals for trading cryptocurrency as well as stocks, options, futures and forex. I am a member and would like to state certain facts and then move on to my feelings about these facts.

Fact – The referral program pays $3/invite and pays out every 50 referrals.


Fact – Enhanced Investors regularly runs partial and deep discounts on their pricing

If you look at their pricing, you will see the standard rates. However, they often run discounts on this pricing.

For instance, when I joined, I got 25% off the standard pricing.

On at least 2 occassions, they have reduced the membership fee by 50%:

Fact – EI reports profits in terms of their actual entry point and the ideal exit point.

In other words, they tell you their entry and then report how much it grew based on a perfect exit at top. Here’s an example of that.

I would say that people are most interested in what entry and exit actually occurred by the trade analyst. Crypto is not mature, but ultimately we want to see a breakdown of how well a trader is doing similar to this myfxbook stats page (both the overview and detail). This is made more difficult by the fact that the trader may have to use multiple exchanges, whereas a forex trader does not.

Fact: EI does not report all trades called

In the entry-exit spreadsheet for my month with them, we see a loss on ADA and a loss on BTC, a total of 20% lost, which equals the maximum gain on the NCASH profit report above. But where do you see these reported on their website in an objective fashion? Ideally, there would be a spreadsheet like mine or similar to a Forex daily PnL report which shows exactly how much they actually won or lost on each trade.

Fact  – EI has no cryptocurrency profit reports for February

We see here the profit report for January 2018:

What is noticeable is that the loss is shown as 0% profit potential when it is more than like -10% because that is the normal stop loss on Kevin’s trades.

There is no similar report for February. And will not be for March, because for these months, the best investment trade is Bitcoin and nothing else. The altcoin market is frozen. It is wise to not try to trade when altcoin market has not made a statement about where it is going.


Reflections and conclusion

  1. There is no incentive to refer people here under the current referral program – it pays very little and only after a lot of people. It only pays 3% of the purchase price. This is insulting, given that they slash to purchase price by 25-50%. Why not make a generous multi-level referral program paying out 33% on the first level and 17% over 2 more levels.
  2. It hurts to pay full price and then see them offering discounts to other people after you’ve paid.
  3. I’m here to make profits to live off of. I suppose I should diversify into options and futures because crypto is slow… but I hate traditional brokerages … maybe I should look at WhaleClub
  4. I’m sick of technical analysis because news drives the markets… when the news about the SEC and crypto exchanges combined with the Binance internal hack occured, the markets moved. looking at technical indicators is looking at the effect of the cause (news). I think it’s time to find myself a good newsfeed and trade off of it. McAfee’s Coin of the Day is a good example of news driving the markets. I can’t say that McAfee is a good example of a human being, but it’s a good example of how getting the news first creates quick profits.