On Dec 8, 2015 I bought $300 worth of GameCredits from Ferdinand Steiner, a professional cryptocurrency trader:


For the longest time, they went down to being worth about $170 and up to as high as $350 and I got depressed and was ready to liquidate them all… but boy am I glad I did not, because now they are worth more than $800:



And Ferdinand easily expects them to double again. Why? Because they still have not been integrated into a single game and 3 games are slated  to have integration. In fact the sports betting game Bookie will be using GameCredits to bet within the next month.

Who knew to buy GameCredits this early? I got the tip via Ferdinand Steiner, who is a member of ADSactly, the autonomous decentralized society – we are a group of individuals, some of us big networkers, others investors, but most importantly we have 2 full time cryptocurrency day traders, Damien Rios and Ferdinand Steiner.

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And here is a little tidbit for the future: OKCash will break 1000 sats in April:

So I just bought in today 3/24/16 at 348 sats and set a sell target of 150% profit that so that my 0.1 BTC purchase or OKCash will yield 6-fold BTC