Masternodes (abbreviated as MN) are one of many excellent ways to earn completely passive income from cryptocurrency. Midas has brought a number of innovations and services to the Masternode space.


  1. Instant shares: instead of having to buy an entire Masternode and set it up, you simply send about 5% of the coins needed for a Masternode and start receiving a daily/weekly profit share. As you can see, the average cost for a MN is about $3,000. So instead of investing $3,000 into a new coin which may not fulfill its promise, you can simply toss $150 at it and see how it goes. Furthermore you dont have to hassle with sending an exact amount of coins to a wallet, upgrading a wallet, and setting up MN monitoring who-the-heck knows what-else to get a MN up and running and constantly maintained.
  2. Reinvestment. Invest your profits into increase of your share. It will add compounding interest to your share, highly increasing your profits.
  3. Instant withdrawals.
  4. Done-for-you masternode “index fund” Simply make a 1-time deposit of 0.15 BTC and have Midas allocate it into the best masternode coins on the market. No need to shop around for coins – just deposit BTC once and they take care of the rest.
  5. Developing a fully automated service for the shares. ETA: June 2018.
  6. There will be a Midas coin! You can see it as part of their roadmap in the #roadmap channel on their Discord.

Learn more about Midas via their well-structured Discord channel. And be sure to say hello to me. My userid is princepawn.