I have been very pleased with my earnings using the automated trading bots at 3commas:

How the bot makes profits is beyond the scope of this post. What follows is a step-by-step guide to getting setup to earn daily from these amazing bots.

Your first step is to register at a cryptocurrency exchange that 3commas supports. There are over 15 exchanges, but I recommend Binance overall. Once you have registered at Binance, you will need to follow their directions to setup API keys. API keys allow a remote computer program to buy and sell coins automatically. Do *not* provide withdrawal permissions with the API key. Binance will require you to also setup 2-factor authentication before setting up API keys for your protection. And in settings, be sure to enable using BNB for fees so that you pay less on trade fees.

Now, you need to take the API key and secret key that you created at Binance and register them in your 3commas account. So go to your dashboard at 3commas and click on “+ Connect” and add a Binance account:

Once that is all done, you can then take a look through the bots which have provided the most returns in the last 24 hours:

Now, before your eyes pop out of their sockets, you need to understand something about the 24 hour ROI. This ROI is based on your initial trade amount, which is typically 1% of your account balance. So if you have 1 BTC invested, your initial trade amount is going to be 1/100th of that, or 0.01BTC and a 400% ROI means you got 0.04BTC in profits in 24 hours, not 4BTC.

The bots are ranked on a quality system: how much profit they achieved divided by how many deals (initial trades and safety trades) that it took to achieve that profit. Personally, I just go for the highest ROI bots regardless of the point system. But safety-minded people may opt for the bots with the highest points even if they have lower daily ROI.

Once you see a bot that you like, click on “View Config”. After doing so, you will see the settings for the bot. You must make sure that the selected account has enough quote currency for the initial and safety trades by looking at the assistant. If it does not, then the bot will not be able to place all the trades it needs to collect profits. In the event that you do not have enough quote currency for the bot in its default settings, you may experiment with altering the base and safety trade size.  Make sure to keep the base and safety trade size in proportion.

Once you are satisfied with the bot configuration, you may click “Create Bot” and then “Start” to have it trade for you 24/7!.