This post is about how to INVEST and earn 1 million dollars. INVESTING being: buying and holding instead of going in and out of positions.

Let’s be very practical. So far, we in ADSactly have picked several coins which have going 3x to 5x in value. So here is how to use such coins to create millions.

  1. Buy $1,000 of the coin and set a price target for $2,000. This will be reached in under a year. You will find your best coin through us in ADSactly or by closely watching the fast gainers at CoinMarketCap or by the methods listed in my article “How to Find Promising Cryptocurrencies“.
  2. When the coin gives you $2,000 in BTC, then re-buy $1,000 and use the other $1,000 to repeat Step 1.
  3. This will create multiple doubling streams
  4. Doing this process 1000 times yields 1 million dollars

Examples of coins that doubled in under 1 year from inception:

  • Golem Coin took only 3 months to double and then some.
  • Stratis went 10fold and then some, if you ignore the initial plummet when it first came out. Never buy a coin via ICO or when they first come out, they nearly always dump as soon as they hit the exchange.