Index Funds are motivated by the idea that it is difficult to pick individual stocks, but that a large set of quality stocks will do well over time, even if certain stocks within the basket occasionally falter. On the stock market, the S&P 500 is the best-known index. Within the cryptocurrency space, the following index funds exist:

Index Funds

  1. the Iconomi index ::
  2. Token Box :: also developed The Token ::
  3. the Bit Twenty Index :: … Now there is Twentix by the same team
  4. C20
  5. Digicor
  6. Bitwise
  7. Crypto Addicts
  8. Satoshi Fund ::
  9. Huobi –
  10. Investy ::
  11. Captain Altcoin lists several here that I have no experience with.
  12. This article on baskets mentions a few other options.

An excellent article on Index Funds appeared in the InvestItInBlockchain blog.

Build Your Own Index Fund?

If you are not satisfied with having other buy a basket of coins for you, then you may want to build your own index and learn about the tools and resources for that.