OBITS and ICOO on OpenLedger

OBITS is the crypto asset representing the many revenue streams of OpenLedger.

When you buy OBITS, the official currency of OpenLedger, you benefit from all projects created. For example, in the next coming months, OBITS holders will experience a 5% sharedrop of tokens related to OpenLedger projects including OCASH (5 million tokens), eDEV (5 million tokens), GetGame (500,000 tokens) and Apptrade (400,000 tokens) – and as a special bonus, OBITS holders will have a special drop of QORA tokens within the next few days.

OpenLedger also has ICOO, where you earn income from ICOs hosted on OpenLedger

Cryptocurrency Exchange Tokens

Many new cryptocurrency exchanges are offering users a way to earn a share of the exchange fees:

  1. Binance has the BNB Ethereum Token which is traded on their platform. You can reduce your trading fees by 50% by using the BNB token, this leads to buy pressure on the coin. Plus 50% of the coin supply is burned regularly.
  2. KuCoin has a fee share model as well, even more generous than Binance. But they have fewer coins and volume than Binance. But they are a well-engineered exchange with a strong team behind them.
  3. Perhaps the most rewarding way to get involved in passive income from exchange profits is Crypto-Bridge. Just buy the BCO token and stake it and receive a share of all fees collected every 2 weeks. Given that over 80% of Masternode coins show up on Crypto-Bridge, this is an excellent way to obtain a large number of coins simply by buying and holding the BCO token.

Proof of Stake Coins

Holding these coins in your wallet pays you rewards. Some good proof of stake coins are OKCash and BeanCash. The problem is that the reward varies based on how many coins you hold and even though I hold over 100,000 BeanCash, my network weight is next to nothing, meaning no rewards. A better way to earn in the Proof of Stake model is a pooling service like Simple PoS – where all the coins are pooled together creating a larger collective network weight.


A masternode is a wallet that holds a certain amount of a coin and stays online 24/7 to verify transactions. It is a way for you to make a one-time purchase and be paid forever. I suggest you use the Midas Masternode service instead of trying to setup a new masternode for each coin you want to go in.


There are many dividend opportunities within OpenLedger:

  • ICOO